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Unless otherwise noted, all presentations are copyrighted by the presenter; contact them for permission to re-use.

From Friday’s sessions

Keynote: The Secret to Keeping Great People — Allison Linney, MBA

Keeping Companies: A New APC Initiative —Scott Brunner, CAE

The Price of Production: How much does it really cost to produce a compound? — Shawn Hodges & Pate Brunner

HealNow: An Online Payments Solution — Halston Prox

Integrated Compounding Software Solutions — Alexander Pytlarz, Richard Moon

From Saturday’s sessions

The Threat to Compounded Hormones — Scott Brunner and Sean Doyle

The Owner’s Prescription for Marketing Success — Bridget Hanna

A Medication Errors Solution: APMS, A Patient Safety Organization — Tara Modisett

Think Big: Two Big Ideas That Can Change the Profession — Michelle Moser and Philip Smyth

EMR, E-Prescribing & Compounding — Rod Standridge

OutcomeMD:  Digital outcome tracking and marketing

PCCA Showcase: Supporting Compounding with Science and Data — Bryan Prescott

The Right Mindset for Success — with Ross Caputo