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As the only pharmacy association whose advocacy focus is solely pharmacy compounding, APC is the leading voice at the federal level — and increasingly in states, too — on a range of issues impacting pharmacy compounders and the patients served by compounded preparations.

Here’s a general statement about what we stand for.

From our lobbying on Capitol Hill to assure that legislation elevates and preserves pure ingredient compounding, to our advocacy before regulatory agencies like the Food & Drug Administration; and from our work with state boards of pharmacy to our counsel and collaboration with standards-setting bodies like the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), APC is active and assertive in representing pharmacy compounding.

We also lead coalitions of sister pharmacy-related groups and work hand-in-hand with partners like National Community Pharmacists Association and the American Pharmacists Association on a range of important issues that impact pharmacy compounding.

And we get stuff done. Last year alone, our advocacy successes included:

Pharmacy compounding continues to be threatened by ill-conceived regulation, making APC’s role even more important. We advocate for sensible, science-based regulation and will continue to fight overreach by regulatory agencies that hinders patient access to physician-prescribed compounded medications.

Federal Advocacy Efforts

From compounded hormones to animal compounding from pure ingredients, and from the MOU to the USP chapters, here are APC’s current issue priorities.

State-Level Monitoring and Resources

Your one-stop resource for state-level legislative and regulatory tracking on compounding issues.

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