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Confronting the threat to compounded hormone therapy

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Together, we achieved much, but there remains so much to do. Our fight is not a bureaucratic struggle. For the millions of patients who depend on their compounded hormones to live normally, it is a potential health crisis.

For many providers and pharmacists this issue will determine the future of their practices.

The fight is not over. We need your support, your voice, your actions more than ever.

YEAR ONE: 2021

In the first year of our campaign, we successfully:

YEAR TWO: 2022

Standing up to FDA overreach

When we consider the future of compounding, 2022 may well prove a decisive point. And the fight over compounded hormones may prove to be the decisive issue. We must engage with patients, with practitioners, with relevant media and with Congress.

We must continue to make our voices heard and help people understand exactly what’s at stake. Most importantly, we need to inspire everyone affected by this issue to take action.

OUR 2022 GOAL: Raise $850,000+

In 2022, the money we raised was used on the following:


Year three: 2023

Taking back control

Other voices have been telling the story of compounding to the world, in the halls of FDA, in the chambers of Congress. Unfortunately, these voices have a vested interest in marginalizing compounding.

It’s time for us to take control of our own destiny.

APC’s Compounding the Joy of Living: The Campaign for Pharmacy Compounding is in the third year of our 3-year initiative to protect cBHT. Our goal is to raise $750,000.

We initially focused our efforts on hormones—and that fight continues—but this year we are expanding our mandate to secure the future of ALL compounding.

To learn more about APC’s Compounding the Joy campaign and how you can contribute your voice, please visit a4pc.org/impact

Resources and information

Tools you can use

Compounding.com: Read and share stories of cBHT’s impact on patients’ lives on APC’s cBHT Testimonial Portal — for cBHT patients, prescribers, and compounders. Share the link, too: Compounding.com/mystory.

Join the Cause: a four-page (PDF) brochure explaining the issue and urging people to contribute to the media campaign

Recruit your vendors: Here’s a sample letter (.docx format) you can customize and send your vendors, asking them to support the campaign to save cBHT.

Add prescribers’ voices: Here’s a sample letter for prescribers (.docx format) they can use to inform patients of the threat to cBHT.

Present the facts: a PowerPoint slide deck you can use in presentations for legislators, physicians, and even patients to explain the threat to cBHT

Inform your patients: a one-page patient-focused brief on the threat to cBHT, customizable by pharmacies. Available as a PDF or as a Word .docx file).

Share our video, The Joy of Living on social media and in your patient and prescriber communications.

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