APC Advocacy

OneFund fuels APC’s entire advocacy operation.

Like it or not, it takes funding to be effective in working with Congress, FDA, DHA, USP, and other agencies to protect pharmacy compounding and the millions of patients it serves.

OneFund helps pay for APC’s critical advocacy apparatus: lobbying, research, outreach, marketing, and coalition-building with sister organizations. And our advocacy works:

Unfortunately, dues dollars aren’t enough to pay for all that. That’s why we have One Fund. It’s a major source of advocacy funds for APC, and it comes from voluntary investments from supporters like you — compounders, prescribers, service providers and others who value our advocacy work and want to preserve patient access to compounded preparations.

Please invest. Your one-time or recurring monthly investment WILL make a difference. It’s quick and easy, and you’ll be doing right by your compounding practice — and the entire profession.

Questions? Contact APC at info@a4pc.org.