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Compounding Peptides and HCG

Fairly regularly, we get asked why HCG and peptides can’t be compounded and why APC can’t do something about it.

This slide deck from attorney Karla Palmer of Hyman, Phelps & McNamara outlines restrictions on compounding biologics, including peptides and HCG. Bottom line: Don’t do it!

The La Vita Compounding Pharmacy Matter

At issue: California compounders’ ability to compound glutathione and methylcobalamin. At the center: La Vita Pharmacy in California, which is facing enforcement action from the California Board of Pharmacy.

APC is filing an amicus brief on behalf of La Vita, thanks to funding from our Legal Action Fund. Read our news story about that.

APC has three members-only resources covering state-level compounding issues

Because these are restricted to APC members, you’ll need your APC log-in and password to access them.

Members only

  • State Compounding Legislation and Regulation Tracker
  • Compilation of State-Adopted USP 795, 797, and 800 Rules
  • Compounding for Office Use and Veterinary Office Use

Created in collaboration with the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations and funded by a generous grant from the Pharmacy Compounding Foundation.

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Other resources

State-by-state e-prescribing trackers

Here are two organizations’ tracking resources on state laws and regulation on e-prescribing. Both give the same info, just the interfaces are different.

APC’s Stateside Coalition

Join our coalition of compounders who’ve volunteered to be APC’s eyes and ears and voice at their state’s board of pharmacy meetings. We’re working to have coverage in all 50 states, with at least three volunteers in each state to share the duties and assure consistent coverage of meetings.

When we know what’s going on in your state, we can prepare you with information and talking points to effectively represent your profession.

Interested? Contact us at info@a4pc.org.