APC Advocacy

Help elect candidates who think like you do about pharmacy compounding.

As good as you are as a compounding professional, the degree of your success is always dependent on how laws, regulations, and standards-setting affect your practice. Just one ill-considered piece of legislation or irrational regulation can harm patients access — and when your patients can’t access compounded medications, everyone loses.

In APC, you’re part of an organization representing thousands of compounding professionals like you, with resources focused on you and your patients’ interests, and with a track record of protecting your compounding pharmacy practice.

APC’s Political Action Committee leverages our collective strength. CompPAC supports candidates who think like you do: candidates who’ll not only listen when we brief them on our policy issues but will also reach out to federal agencies when proposed regulation doesn’t adhere to congressional intent.

Your personal investment in CompPAC makes that happen. Any amount you invest is needed and appreciated — $500, $1,000, $2,500, lump sum or monthly … you decide.

Do your part. Invest NOW, and help support members of Congress who support compounding — and make a difference for your patients and practice!

And remember, APC’s PAC can only accept PERSONAL investments, so please use a personal credit card or check, not a corporate one.

Thank you to our generous 2024 donors

Jake Beckel; Tampa, FL
Gina Besteman; Deerfield, WI
Michael Blaire; Scottsdale, AZ
Marcy Bliss; Swedesboro, NJ
Mark Boesen; Gilbert, AZ
Kevin Borg; Peoria, AZ
Kiah Brown ; Cullman, AL
Melinda Browning; Mesa, AZ
Jennifer Burch; Durham, NC
Erin Butler; Scottsdale, AZ
Stephanie Chacon; Cypress, TX
Vinnie Dam; New York, NY
David Daneshgar; Los Angeles, CA
Randy Davis; Chattanooga, TN
Tenille Davis; Phoenix, AZ
Saad Dinno; Weston, MA
Gerald Eubanks; Denver, CO
Betsy Ficklin; Woodinville, WA
Mark Filosi; Lithia, FL
Amy Frost; Stevensville, MT
Amy Galloway; Blairsville, GA
Cheri Garvin; Leesburg, VA
Edgar Gonzalez; Houston, TX
Adam Gustafson; Vancouver, WA
John Herr; Ramsey, NJ
Stacy Hightower; Aubrey, TX
Shawn Hodges; Marietta, GA
Jim Hrncir; Irving, TX
Virginia Isbell; Madison, AL
Jason Jerusik; Conshohocken, PA
Justin Kohll; Omaha, NE
Jack Korbutov; Philadelphia, PA
Peter Koshland; San Francisco, CA
Cheri Kraemer; Parker, SD
Matt LaSarso; Henderson, NV
Matt Martin; Crestwood, KY
Matthew Massey; Florence, AL
Bradley McCloskey; Birmingham, MI
Erin Michael; Cottonwood, CA
David J Miller; Alto, MI
Michelle Moser; Mount Vernon, WA
Joseph Navarra; Woodbury, NY
Robert Nickell; Torrance, CA
Shaun Noorian; Houston, TX
Gopesh Patel; New Hyde Park, NY
Neal Patel; Tempe, AZ
Jodi Peterson; Omaha, NE
Scott Popyk; Novi, MI
Alexander Pytlarz; St Petersburg, FL
Masoud Rashidi; Folsom, CA
Richie Ray; Conroe, TX
Suzanne Rosenberg; Portland, OR
Michael Sands; Wylie, TX
Philip Smyth; Lebanon, OH
Thomas Taylor; Williamsburg, VA
Gener Tejero; Henderson, NV
Tara Thompson; Montgomery, TX
David Vasenden; Reno, NV
Michael Walker; Glendale, AZ
Doug Yoch; Davidson, NC


*Donations made in 2024 as of April 30, 2024.