You need APC's advocacy.
Our advocacy needs OneFund.

APC's One Fund fuels our entire advocacy operation.

Like it or now, it takes funding to be effective. It takes money to be your voice in Washington and to work with Congress, FDA, DHA, USP, and other agencies to protect your practice and patients.

While CompPAC helps elect legislators who support compounding, its money only goes to candidates.

OneFund helps pay for the rest of our critical advocacy apparatus: lobbying, research, outreach, marketing, and coalition-building with organizations like NCPA, NABP, and NHIA and groups like the Pew Charitable Trusts.

And our advocacy works:

  • When the Tricare clawbacks hit, we were in touch with Tricare, ESI, the Defense Health Agency, and members of Congress immediately. We also sponsored not only legal research, but seminars and an virtual town hall on the issue.
  • We've worked (and continue to petition) FDA about a "middle way" on the MOU for interstate medication shipments.
  • We appealed the USP beyond-use-date restriction in the new <795> and <797> chapters (which resulted in the indefinite postponement of those chapters).
  • We're researching into both compounded pain creams and cBHRT to provide NASEM and FDA with the kind of pattient-outcome information its studies are lacking.
  • We continue with work for more reasonable FDA guidance on its GFI #256 for animal compounding.


That's just off the top of our heads. We also do an extraordinary amount of coalition-building, collaborating, and influencing behind the scenes with a range of sister organizations and other groups. There's no doubt those efforts grease the skids for success.

Unfortunately, dues dollars aren't enough to pay for all that. That's why we have One Fund. It's a major source of advocacy funds for APC, and it comes from voluntary investments from supporters like you — compounders and others who value our advocacy work and want to see us succeed ... so that your compounding business can succeed as well.

APC's advocacy efforts benefit your business. Please invest in One Fund. Your $500, $1000, or even a recurring monthly investment WILL make a difference.

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Unlike CompPAC, investments in OneFund aren't limited, and can be corporate or personal.

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