May 27, 2022

USP 800 work group aims to assist BOPs

A new APC workgroup is charged with developing guidance to help state boards of pharmacy interpret, implement and enforce USP 800. USP 800 provides guidelines for safe handling of hazardous drugs to minimize the risk of exposure for healthcare personnel, patients and the environment.

Chaired by Matt Martin, the group met for the first time this week to plan its work. The workgroup includes Cheri Kraemer; Jon Pritchett; Rad Dillon; John Herr; John Kim; Dave Rochefort; Kathleen Kane; and incoming APC Director of Public Policy Savannah Cunningham.

“We hope to provide boards of pharmacy thoughtful considerations about areas of USP 800 that have created significant discussion and/or concern for both pharmacists and some boards of pharmacy,” Martin said. “This USP chapter and its implementation will have a significant impact on patient access, the cost of healthcare and how healthcare is delivered across all disciplines of medicine based on how compliance is carried out. It is important that substantive discussions around the implementation of this chapter occur.”

The workgroup hopes to make its guidance resource available to boards of pharmacy in fall 2022.