August 4, 2023

15-hour online compounding program goes LIVE

As pharmacy compounders, what you don’t know can hurt you一and the patients you serve.

Your competence and credibility rests on your ability to prepare compounded medications with the utmost care and in complete compliance with all the laws and regs and standards that guide pharmacy compounding practice. Just one mistake can lead to serious patient harm and a hit to your credibility and your pharmacy’s, too.

It’s essential that you know a set of constantly changing regulations and standards that guide every aspect of how you prepare a compounded medication—not just the what but the why.

That’s why APC has partnered with the Pharmacy Compounding Foundation and the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy to launch a new 15-hour online continuing education program called “The Ethical Legal & Regulatory Foundations of Pharmacy Compounding.”

As the name implies, it’s meant to be foundational learning for compounding pharmacists and technicians. It’s high-quality, affordable training you can access without travel or additional expense. (If you are an employee of an APC Pharmacy/Facility Member, the registration fee drops from $495 to $395!)*

You can learn about the program here.

*Not a PFM? Not a problem! Learn more here or contact