April 29, 2022

PFM: for your business

Sure, an APC Pharmacy/Facility Membership is great for each member of your team, but it’s even better for your business. Small or large, joining as a company gives you access to a growing list of valuable services and discounts.

APC’s PFM-members-only Compounded Cost-Charge Tool will help you calculate the cost of your compounds — and the right price to charge for them. Enrollment in APMS will help ensure you’re in compliance with state and federal safety regulations. The weekly Kosar Report will keep you up to date on state compounding legislation and regulation.

And there’s more:

  1. An annual subscription to NABP’s Survey of Pharmacy Law
  2. A $1,000 discount on PCAB accreditation from ACHC
  3. All your locations listed listing in APC’s Compounding Pharmacy Locator
  4. Half price on a subscription to OutcomeMD for patient-reported outcome tracking
  5. Waived fees and best pricing for HealNow, a HIPAA-compliant online payment solution for pharmacies

And much more. Check out our PFM brochure and visit A4PC.org/pfm for the details, then upgrade your membership today