APC: Finally: a patient-reported outcomes platform for compounding

April 23, 2022

Finally: a patient-reported outcomes platform for compounding

Big news for APC Pharmacy-Facility Members: You now have access to a great new compounding-specific patient-reported outcomes tool: OutcomeMD.

It’s an outcome-tracking and marketing platform — an extraordinary strategic tool for the compounding profession and a great business solution for individual pharmacies.

Why it matters

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence for positive patient outcomes, but not enough of the validated, standardized data FDA wants to see. The OutcomeMD platform will help change that, allowing APC to aggregate patient-reported outcome data while providing compounding pharmacy owners granular data on how their formulations are working for patients.

“The OutcomeMD platform is something long-needed in compounding: A means of collecting and aggregating patient outcomes data in a way that’s not just useful to the pharmacy but useful to the profession,” said APC’s CEO Scott Brunner, CAE.

Via a smartphone app, patients respond to questions about how their specific therapies are working. Owners in turn get data about those formulations using the same validated measures used in clinical trials (and that FDA uses in its database). And, with the owners’ permission, APC gets access to the aggregated metadata — scrubbed of HIPAA-protected details, of course — to share with FDA and demonstrate how patients benefit from compounded therapies.

Benefits to your pharmacy

Using OutcomeMD also provides direct benefits to you and your patients.

  • You’ll have more information about your formulations, allowing you to make adjustments that benefit patients — and to market your services to prescribers.
  • Patients will appreciate the improved customer service; it’s easier for your team to monitor their progress and respond more quickly to questions or concerns.
  • By highlighting success stories, OutcomeMD provides you a powerful marketing tool — it even creates graphics to share on social media and helps patients share their success on review sites.

Thanks to our partnership with OutcomeMD, APC Pharmacy/Facility Members members receive more than half off OutcomeMD’s standard subscription rates.

Get started

Learn more about everything an OutcomeMD subscription provides at OutcomeMD.com.

Then reach out to Lorraine Kaiser at lkaiser@outcomemd.com to schedule your demo. You can even click here to schedule it directly.

Any questions? APC’s Jason Dunn — jason@a4pc.org or (918) 770-6333 — can help.