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Every month, APC offers a live webinar on a hot topic in compounding, presented by an expert (or experts) in the field. From reading a COA to cybersecurity threats, legal issues to consumer demand, you’ll find fresh, timely education in live APC webinars.

Most live courses become available on-demand about a week after the live presentation.

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April 6: Making the Case for Advanced Pharmacy Technicians

Speaker: Liza Chapman PharmD, FAPhA

Challenges with recent shifts in the role of pharmacists from foundational pharmaceutical care to clinical, direct patient care roles in both inpatient and community pharmacy settings has led to an advancing function of the pharmacy technician.

This activity aims to set the case on the roles of the advanced pharmacy technicians. It will describe the role of conventional pharmacy technicians and how it is impacted by the regulatory landscape. Through evidence-based research, the activity will illustrate how pharmacies and the healthcare system benefit from advanced pharmacy technician roles, such as in compounding. Practice settings for advanced pharmacy technicians will also be identified.

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April 20: Compounding for Women’s Health Conditions

Speaker: Tara Thompson, PharmD

The science behind women’s hormones, their function and replacement, has been extensively studied over the years. This seminar will examine the biochemistry and physiology of women’s hormones, factors that influence each step, along with reasons to consider hormone replacement therapy as the standard of care for all women.

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May 25: IV Nutrition

Speaker: Casey Greene, PharmD, IFMCP

Details coming soon.


June 6: Compounding for Cosmetic Needs

Speaker: Mark Gonzalez, RPh

This presentation will review the basics of compounding within dermatology. The lecture will overview base options when considering dermatology-focused compounding and will review popular ingredients that are utilized in the areas of hair loss and acne. As there are more antioxidants available on the market, the use of antioxidants will be reviewed as well.


June 29: Trends in Veterinary Pharmacy: What Compounders Need to Know

Speaker: Natalie Young PharmD, FACVP

In this session will review some common compound prescriptions encountered for non-human patients and how to practice evidence-based medicine during formulation selection for these unique patients. We will also review the latest regulatory updates and even add some new ideas to your compounding toolbox!