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Every month, APC offers a live webinar on a hot topic in compounding, presented by an expert (or experts) in the field. From reading a COA to cybersecurity threats, legal issues to consumer demand, you’ll find fresh, timely education in live APC webinars.

Most live courses become available on-demand about a week after the live presentation.

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August 18: Hazardous Drug Decontamination – Understanding its Purpose and Validating Best Practices

Abby Roth

Compounders working with hazardous drugs (HD) face the daily challenge of surface contamination, as HD poses a threat of unintended exposure unless proper removal from work surfaces takes place. Despite practice and quality standards set out by USP Chapter <800>, confusion remains among the compounding community with HD removal, particularly decontamination.

This activity aims to clarify the purpose of decontamination of non-sterile and sterile preparations by exploring the differences between deactivation, decontamination, cleaning, and disinfection, as well as discussing appropriate agents for the decontamination of HD on surfaces. Under a practice setting, the program will also explore the importance of verifying processes and agents for decontaminating, while discussing procedures for validating effective HD decontamination.