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Every month, APC offers a live webinar on a hot topic in compounding, presented by an expert (or experts) in the field. From reading a COA to cybersecurity threats, legal issues to consumer demand, you’ll find fresh, timely education in live APC webinars.

Most live courses become available on-demand about a week after the live presentation.

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October 5: USP <797> Best Practices – It’s Not Just SOPs (Part 2): From Packaging to Handling, Stability, Documentation, and QA/QC

Speaker: Amy Summers, PharmD

In a survey of best practices in over 600 compounders, only little more than half indicated to define and always follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) during sterile compounding processes (ISMP, 2020). While SOPs are crucial to ensuring best practices in sterile compounding, they are often times not regularly reviewed and updated to reflect areas experiencing significant change or new regulations to remain compliant with USP Chapter <797>.

This activity aims to highlight key areas of sterile compounding practices that are important to recognize as best practices to implement in your SOPs in order to remain compliant with USP <797>. In Part 2 of this 2-Part series, Amy Summers, PharmD, BCSCP, explores best practices in packaging, handling, stability characteristics, & quality assurance / control measures for sterile compounding.

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October 24: Internal Audit Processes – Facilitating Optimal Operations and Compliance of Your Compounding Pharmacy

Speakers: Jon Pritchett and Nancy Fingerhut

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November 9: Automation and USP 797 Don’t Mix

Speaker: Melissa Stefko

More details coming soon!

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