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Every month, APC offers a live webinar on a hot topic in compounding, presented by an expert (or experts) in the field. From reading a COA to cybersecurity threats, legal issues to consumer demand, you’ll find fresh, timely education in live APC webinars.

Most live courses become available on-demand about a week after the live presentation.

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December 6: You Can Become an Elite Pharmacy Technician

Speaker: Cicely Simpson

The difference between holding a job and a having a career has as much to do with you as it does with where you work. Sure, you can make a living being “just a technician,” but there’s a great career to be found in growing your skillset and becoming indispensable in the compounding pharmacy where you work.

You can join the ranks of the elite technicians…and we can show you how. Click here for more details on the program.

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December 8: How to Use Medical Literature to Identify and Support Compounded Therapies

Speaker: Nat Jones, RPh, FAPC

In a world of one-offs how do you develop a compounded treatment formula? It is essential to start with knowledge of the disease state, understanding the biology & pathophysiology involved and what are the pharmacologic therapeutic targets or goals.

The best place to obtain the most current knowledge on these topics is medical literature in both journal and text publications. The internet has brought the explosion of world’s scientific literature to our fingertips, but how do you decide what is fact from fiction or just bad science?

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