April 8, 2022

APC launches Pharmacy/Facility Membership

APC has launched a new, more valuable class of membership — and a better way support and benefit from the alliance. Pharmacy/Facility Membership was rolled out at the Owner Summit in March, and already more than 20 pharmacies and facilities have transitioned their membership. It’s now available for large and small 503A pharmacies and 503B outsourcing facilities.

Pharmacy/Facility Membership lets these companies offer more to employees while doing more for their business — not to mention helping protect the practice of pharmacy compounding.

When a pharmacy or facility joins APC, every one of its employees becomes a full APC member with all that has to offer: our deep well of continuing education opportunities, professional development events, information services, and professional discounts.

And every one of those employees helps amplify APC’s influence with Congress, regulatory agencies, and state legislatures.

It’s good for your business, too. APC Pharmacy/Facility members can take advantage of new members-only products, services, and discounts, including our new Compounded Cost-Charge Tool, training webinars, APMS enrollment, listing in our compounding-pharmacy locator, discounts, and much more. It’s all to keep you informed, compliant, and practicing at the top of your game.

What does it cost? Less than it would for individual memberships! Check out the dues calculator here to see exactly what your annual dues will be.

Upgrading to Pharmacy/Facility Membership

It’s simple: Just download the Pharmacy/Facility Membership form, fill it out, and email or fax it back — we’ll take care of the rest.

If you have any questions, just drop us a note at info@a4pc.org or call (281) 933-8400.

(If you’ve already turned in your paperwork and don’t see your pharmacy/facility listed, don’t worry — we’re processing more memberships as you read this!)

Welcome — our first 25 Pharmacy/Facility Members!

Like the Louisiana Purchase did for the U.S., these 25 new Pharmacy/Facility Members have effectively doubled APC’s membership count virtually overnight — and more are signing up. We hope you’ll be one!

Keystone Pharmacy; Alto, MI
MedQuest Pharmacy; North Salt Lake, UT
Central Compounding Center; Durham, NC
Central Ohio Compounding Pharmacy; Worthington, OH
Union Avenue Compounding Pharmacy; Tacoma, WA
Pacific NW Specialty Pharmacy; Vancouver, WA
Designer Drugs; Chattanooga, TN
Civic Center Pharmacy; Scottsdale, AZ
Town & Country Compounding & Consultation Services; Ramsey, NJ
The Art of Medicine; Philadelphia
Koshland Pharm; San Francisco, CA
Innovative Pharmacy Solutions; Edmond, OK
North Fulton Compounding Pharmacy; Alpharetta, GA
Makers Compounding Pharmacy; Mount Vernon, WA
Empower Pharmacy; Houston
Elements Compounding Pharmacy; Mesa, AZ
Williamsburg Drug Co; Williamsburg, VA
Rivertown Compounding Pharmacy; Grandville, MI
Town Total Compounding Center; Woodbury, NY
Flourish Integrative Pharmacy; Oklahoma City
Nubratori Rx; Torrance, CA
Pharmco; Torrance, CA
Puramint; Raleigh, NC
San Ysidro Pharmacy; Montecito , CA