APC Advocacy

APC’s Stateside Coalition

We all know that compounding is under-represented on state boards of pharmacy across the country. Getting more compounders appointed to state boards is a worthy goal, and if you’re someone interested in serving, we should talk (email scott@a4pc.org).

In the meantime, though, the way we assure that compounders are heard by state pharmacy boards is through member volunteers like you. APC’s Stateside Coalition is a group of compounders who have volunteered to be our eyes and ears and voice when compounding issues are being considered not only by state boards but also by state legislatures.

We don’t presently have volunteers for several states, and ideally, we’d like to have multiple volunteers for each state. If you’re interested in volunteering to be a Stateside Coalition member for your state, email us at info@a4pc.org.

THANKS to these who currently serve as Stateside Coalition volunteers for their respective state:

Arizona: Michael Blaire
Arizona: Tenille Davis
Arkansas: Becca Mitchell
California: Joe Grasela
Colorado: WE NEED YOU
Connecticut: WE NEED YOU
Delaware: Barb Knightly
Florida: Prince L. Hinson
Florida: David Joseph
Florida: Melissa Stefko
Florida: Alexander Pytlarz
Georgia: Savannah Cunningham
Georgia: Hugh Chancy
Georgia: Casey Gaetano
Idaho: Devin Trone
Illinois: Doug Higgins
Illinois: Mark Mandel
Indiana: Linda McElhiney
Iowa: Sue Horton
Kentucky: Matt Martin
Louisiana: Susan Caudle
Louisiana: Patsy Angelle
Maryland: Barb Knightly
Massachusetts: John Walczyk
Massachusetts: Ernie Gates
Michigan: Bradley McCloskey
Minnesota: WE NEED YOU
Mississippi: Keith Guy
Missouri: WE NEED YOU
Montana: Amy Frost
Nebraska: Tim Redline
Nebraska: Angie Svoboda
Nebraska: Dave Rochefort
Nebraska: Lyndell White
Nevada: Gener Tejero
New Hampshire: WE NEED YOU
New Jersey: Anthony Grzib
New Jersey: John Herr
New Jersey: Svetislav Milic
New Mexico: WE NEED YOU
North Carolina: Doug Yoch
North Carolina: Patrick Ignacio
North Carolina: Henry Herring
North Dakota: Kevin Oberlander
Ohio: Ed Zatta
Ohio: Philip Smyth
Ohio: Matt Buderer
Ohio: Tony Buchta
Oklahoma: WE NEED YOU
Pennsylvania: Barb Knightly
Pennsylvania: Jack Korbutov
Puerto Rico: WE NEED YOU
Rhode Island: WE NEED YOU
South Carolina: Addison Livingston
South Carolina: Tommy Martincic
South Carolina: Stuart Johnson
South Dakota: Cheri Kraemer
Tennessee: WE NEED YOU
Texas: Jim Hrncir
Texas: Tracy Acosta
Texas: Jenny Yoakum
Texas: Buford Abelt
Texas: Jeff Carson
Texas: Gary McCrory
Utah: Hali O’Malley
Utah: Phung Matthews
Vermont: William Chatoff
Virginia: WE NEED YOU
Washington: WE NEED YOU
West Virginia: WE NEED YOU
Wisconsin : Nancy Stoehr
Wisconsin : Michelle Violi
Wyoming: WE NEED YOU