Find a Compounder

Find a compounding pharmacy

Pharmacists: If your pharmacy isn’t listed, please let us know!
Patients: See below for some tips on choosing a compounder.

If there is not a compounding pharmacy in your immediate area, many can ship your prescriptions directly to your home. Use this tool to find a compounder who may be a little further away. Call the pharmacy and discuss your prescription with a pharmacist who will ensure your compounded medication can be safely shipped to you.

How to choose a compounder

When choosing a compounding pharmacy, here are some conversations you can have with the compounding pharmacist.

Ask about licensure
Are they licensed to dispense or ship to your state or residence?

Ask about quality standards
Verify that the pharmacy complies with applicable USP compounding standards. Ask if the pharmacy only sources their active pharmaceutical ingredients from FDA-registered facilities (as required by federal law). Ask if periodic testing of compounded medications is performed by a third-party lab.

Ask about the training of the compounding staff
Ask about special certifications of compounding staff, including completion of APC’s 15-hour certificate program on the regulatory foundations of pharmacy compounding. Ask about what kinds of hands-on training staff undergoes, as well special certificates earned, or webinars or conferences attended.

Ask how your medication is compounded
A great compounding pharmacist won’t hesitate to explain the process and ensure you feel comfortable with the medication they are preparing for you. If your medication is a sterile compound, such as an eye drop or injection, ask about sterility testing.

Ask about accreditation
The Accreditation Commission for Health Care offers a special accreditation for compounding pharmacies. It’s known as PCAB accreditation. The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board assesses pharmacies for compliance and their commitment to continuous quality improvement. PCAB accreditation demonstrates a pharmacy’s commitment to meeting the highest industry standards. It’s the gold standard for compounding pharmacies.