July 3, 2024

Success: Town hall briefing on GLP-1 compounding

We blasted through our expectations for our virtual town hall on compounding semaglutide on June 26, with almost 700 people registered.

We explained not only how some drug makers are trying to muddy the waters about legit (and legal) pharmacy compounding of GLP-1s, but what APC has been doing to correct these “alternative facts” in the media. (Reporters are getting better — see “Short Takes” below.)

That kind of misinformation is a problem not just for pharmacies compounding semaglutide, but for all compounding pharmacies, because it tarnishes the entire profession’s reputation. That’s why we’re being proactive with the media, and why we’re sharing best practices for marketing if you’re compounding any GLP-1s. 

Didn’t have a chance to attend? No worries — we’ve got you covered: Click here to watch the town hall from the comfort of your favorite hotspot.