July 10, 2024

Coming quickly: Compounders converge on capitol

Registration is open for Compounders on Capitol Hill! If you’re planning to attend, the sooner you register the better because we’re starting to schedule visits with legislators, and we want to be sure you’re included.

CCH — September 17–18 this year — is our annual fly-in to DC and those face-to-face meetings are critical. They show legislators that compounders are concerned enough about their patients and practices to fly in to meet with them.

You’re not going in cold! We’ll update you with talking points on key issues like enhancing the FDA shortage list, eliminating the MOU in federal law, implementing adverse events reporting for 503As, and of course preserving compounded-hormone therapy.

It’s also a great chance to network with your fellow compounders from across the country. So don’t wait — register today, book your hotel room, and join us on the Hill!