July 3, 2024

APC weighs in with several state BOPs

APC is always keeping track of what state boards of pharmacy are up to, and we’ll reach out when we think something needs clarification. Here’s a sampling of the kind of letters we’ve sent recently. (The links go to PDFs of the letters.)

  • To both North Carolina and New Jersey: Both states’ boards of pharmacy recently expressed concerns regarding compounding pharmacies dispensing sublingual semaglutide (based on crushed Rybelsus tablets), so we explained why this “is a legitimate compounding practice rooted in the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.”
  • To Mississippi: We submitted comments supporting the proposed physician dispensing facility permits that will require compliance with USP: “This will help ensure patients receive compounded medications made under the same conditions from both pharmacies and physician’s offices.”
  • To Virginia: We submitted comments on the state’s current technician licensing requirements. Virginia requires technicians attend ACPE/ASHP accredited technician training programs, and the expense of that program has resulted in a workforce shortage in the state. We urged the BoP to consider alternative training programs.


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