June 16, 2024

When media does its job

Well check this out: A news story about compounded GLP-1s that’s actually accurate, sans all the usual hand-wringing and fear-mongering. It aligns pretty well with the message APC has been shouting from the rooftops, too. Coincidence? With all the effort we’ve put into that message, we think not, especially considering it quotes CEO Scott Brunner several times. Here’s a snippet:

Compounding pharmacies exist to help patients whose needs aren’t met by existing approved drugs. The compounded drugs are not generics, nor do they go through the Food and Drug Administration’s approval process. Instead, compounding pharmacists tailor drugs for individual patients who need them and are mostly regulated on the state level by boards of pharmacy.


For patients who want a quick primer on how they can be sure their compounded meds are safe, APC’s Scott Brunner has a video you should check out — and share far and wide.