June 7, 2024

We need to talk.

Maybe you saw our email yesterday – We’re hosting a town hall meeting on June 26 to talk about GLP-1 compounding, and you need to participate.

Why? Because the current misinformation about compounding – particularly compounded GLP-1s – is a hairball that the media can’t seem to cough up. Conflation of legitimate compounding pharmacies with fake pop-ups and counterfeit online sellers is rampant, and it’s hurting your reputation – even if your pharmacy isn’t compounding GLP-1s.

So yeah, on June 26, we’re hosting a FREE town hall meeting to share with you what we know and what we’re doing about lawsuits against compounders, illegal marketing claims, and best practices for protecting your reputation.

Here’s the program:

  • Welcome – APC Board Chair Joe Navarra, RPh
  • 30,000 Feet: Drugmakers, Regulators, Media and More – CEO Scott Brunner, CAE
  • What We See in the Lawsuits – Attorney Mark Boesen, JD, PharmD
  • Clean Up Your Marketing Claims – Matt Martin, PharmD, BCSCP
  • Shortage Drug Compounding Best Practices – Tenille Davis, PharmD, BCSCP
  • Q&A

It’s such an important conversation that we’re allowing anyone to join us – news media, regulators, even drugmakers. Because they need to see and hear our story. 

How we – not just APC but you and your fellow compounders – respond to the spotlight on compounding right now has everything to do with how your profession will be portrayed and understood by the public in the months and years ahead. 

Please join us on June 26. Register here.

— Scott


Scott Brunner, CAE, is APC’s chief executive officer. You can reach him at scott@a4pc.org.