May 10, 2024

Meet our compounding defenders (and guardians and champions)

A few weeks ago, we offered you a deal — invest in one of our new investment packages, and we’ll remove you from all subsequent solicitations for contributions to OneFund, Legal Action Fund, Compounding the Joy of Living Campaign, and the Pharmacy Compounding Foundation for the rest of the year. 

Since then, several of you have taken us up on it — so here’s a big thank you to our Package Deal investors. 

Here’s also an earnest plea for more of you to invest. Funding those four entities is essential to our being able to represent and defend you and your practice and elevate the profession.

Cheers to enjoying fewer emails in your inbox – and becoming a compounding champion whose financial support fuels our good work.


  • James Axtell, Axtell’s Rite-Value Pharmacy Inc
  • Jeff Barton, Custom Dosing Pharmacy
  • Dawn Ipsen, Kusler’s Pharmacy
  • Stuart Johnson, Family Pharmacy South Aiken
  • Josh Morgan, Morgan Compounding
  • Charlie Morland, International Filter Products
  • John Voliva, Hook’s Apothecary


  • Erik Nelson, Koru Pharmacy


  • Randy Davis, Designer Drugs
  • Ross Jordan, Tailor Made Compounding
  • Shaun Noorian, Empower Pharmacy