April 18, 2024

Let’s get this over with

Me again, asking you for money. I do this a lot – too much, really – but the alternative is an underfunded APC that can’t protect your job, pharmacy, and patients.

So I’ve got a deal for you, and if you say yes, this could very possibly be the last time this year I’m going to ask you for money.

Seriously: Your response to this ask could rid your email box for the rest of this year of our regular solicitations for …

  • OneFund, which fuels our lobbying work.
  • The Legal Action Fund, which allows us to engage in legal cases affecting compounding.
  • Our Compounding the Joy of Living Campaign, including our work to save compounded hormones, engage prescribers, and expand compounding.com.
  • The Pharmacy Compounding Foundation, which makes grants and investments to help assure compounding’s future.

Just imagine all those emails you won’t have to wade through!

Last week at Owner Summit, we rolled out new APC Package Deals – whereby you make one annual investment to support all four of those initiatives mentioned above.

It’s an efficient way for you both to fund our work and have some peace – as in, a break from our solicitation emails, but also the peace of mind that comes from doing your part for your profession.

I don’t like asking for money any more than you like being asked (and asked and asked and asked). So let’s get this over with.

Click below to take a look at our Package Deals, make your one-time investment, and help us continue to do what we do for you.

Invest ONCE in APC

— Scott

Scott Brunner, CAE, is APC’s chief executive officer. You can reach him at scott@a4pc.org.