March 15, 2024

Big deal? Absolutely!

Below, you can read about the amicus brief — also known as a “friend of the court” brief —APC submitted last week in a compounding-related case pending in the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. It’s a big deal, so please pay attention to it.

That filing is the first of a half-dozen “big deals” that APC will announce in the next three weeks, every one of them focused one way or another on assuring your patients can continue to access compounded drugs, assuring your pharmacy or facility stays scrupulously compliant, and assuring your practice can operate at maximum efficiency.

The other five “big deals” will be rolled out at APC’s Owner Summit in La Jolla, California on April 5. 

BY THE WAY: This is shaping up to be our biggest Owner Summit ever, with more than 200 attendees already signed up. If you’re not one of those, there’s still time to register — but hurry: As you’ll read below, the preferred hotel rate ends tonight.

Those include announcement (and discussion!) of the following:

  • Best Practices for Ketamine Compounding, a document developed by APC’s Best Practices Work Group.
  • Best Practices for Clinic Direct Billing, another document developed by that Best Practices Work Group.
  • APC’s 2023-24 Snapshot of Pharmacy Compounding, a demographic profile of your profession that we’ll use to educate policymakers.
  • A step forward in collecting patient-reported outcomes, featuring the first full integration of a compounding software with the OutcomeMD platform (and what may be a work-around solution for those of you using other software).
  • A new, simpler way to support APC — and stop all those fundraising emails we keep sending you. 

Hopefully, your curiosity is piqued. If you want to know more, get registered for Owner Summit. Because these are big deals, and you’re gonna want to know about them.

Stay tuned and stay informed!

— Joe


Joseph P. Navarra, RPh, FACA, FAPC is the owner of Town Total Compounding Center in Woodbury, New York. You can reach him at