February 9, 2024

Judge denies motion to dismiss in Novo Nordisk v. Brooksville

Last week, a Florida District Court judge denied Brooksville Pharmacy’s motion to dismiss Novo Nordisk’s amended lawsuit alleging potency discrepancies in the pharmacy’s compounded semaglutide. Novo claims that its amended suit is about patient safety instead of trying to take out competition (yeah, okay). The judge, who had thrown out Novo’s original claim that Brooksville was engaged in “unauthorized drug manufacturing,” says he’s going to hold them to that representation. 

There’s a lot of background to this case, which was one of four lawsuits brought by Novo against compounding pharmacies. APC filed an amicus brief in all four. If you want a refresher on the details, catch up with our past coverage of the case:

We’ll keep you updated on future developments.