January 5, 2024

We’ve got a story to tell

Happy new year! As incoming APC Board Chair, I want to thank outgoing Chair Anthony Grzib. Thanks to his leadership and that of our Board of Directors, committees, and staff, 2023 was a great chapter for our profession. Just look at these accomplishments:

Thanks to what we achieved in 2023 — especially our membership revenue growth — we’re well positioned to do even more in 2024. 

One focus in this new year will be to tell the real story of pharmacy compounding, the story that often goes untold in news reports and FDA statements. 

It’s a story of a profession that serves millions of patients and helps them live more normal lives. 

It’s a story of folks like you who create customized medications that meet patient needs — in the judgment of a prescriber — when a commercially available drug just isn’t suited.

It’s a story of vibrant small businesses that employ local folks, pay taxes, and support the local economy.

It’s a story of professionals who operate in a rigorous compliance framework designed to assure the medications they prepare are safe and efficacious for patients.

It’s a story of healthcare professionals filling the breech — assuring patients get their meds — during drug shortages.

Unfortunately, that’s not the story we often see in reporting about compounding. In the year ahead, our Board of Directors has allocated funding to help us tell our story — to educate reporters and others about the real work you do, the real benefit you provide in the American healthcare system. 

So keep reading — because 2024 is gonna be a real page-turner!

– Tenille

Tenille Davis, PharmD, RPh, FAPC, is pharmacist-in-charge at Civic Center Pharmacy in Scottsdale, Arizona. You can reach her at tenille@civiccenterpharmacy.com.