January 26, 2024

Are you throwing away $5,000 a month?

If you haven’t joined APC’s group purchasing deal with Worldpay, you might be throwing away money. Jack Korbutov, owner of The Art of Medicine in Philly, was the first APC PFM to take the leap of faith last month. This month, he reached out to let us know how it’s going:

“Like most owners would be, I was nervous about a processor switch. The thought of handing over where my revenue was handled in hopes of saving a couple hundred dollars seemed daunting. I was very wrong. Approximately $5k in savings per month wrong! THANK YOU, APC!”

APC partnered with The Processing Brokerage to negotiate the best credit card processing rates for our industry. Best of all, the buying group plan gets even lower in price as more pharmacies participate. 

The deal is available only to APC Pharmacy/Facility Members. For more information on the GPO—or on becoming a PFM—reach out to Jason Dunn at jason@a4pc.org.