December 15, 2023

Revelation, Empower commit as Diamond-level APC sponsors

Revelation Pharma and Empower have joined Medisca as Diamond-level corporate patrons for 2024.



“We’re thrilled to have the support of Empower and Revelation Pharma as Diamond-level patrons,” said APC’s Scott Brunner. “Their 2024 support is rocket fuel that will help boost our advocacy efforts on behalf of pharmacy compounders and the patients they serve.”

2024 is the first year APC has offered a $100,000 Diamond-level corporate patron package.


In addition, Fagron will also increase its support for APC in 2024 from a Silver-level $25,000 sponsorship to a $60,000 Platinum-level sponsorship. 

“Thanks much to Andy and the Fagron team for this much needed vote of confidence and new funding for APC,” said Brunner. “We value the expertise they bring us as much as we do the financial support.”