December 1, 2023

APC files amicus in Novo case against Tennessee compounder

A U.S. District Court judge approved APC filing an amicus brief this week in Novo Nordisk’s lawsuit against Tennessee compounder (and APC PFM) DCA Pharmacy. 

“This is great news,” said APC’s Scott Brunner. “It means the brief, which explains the essential role compounding pharmacies play in preparing copies of FDA-approved drugs when those drugs appear on the FDA drug shortage list, was accepted and will be considered by the court. The brief also clarifies for the court that pharmacy compounding is authorized in state and federal law and is not, as Novo asserts, ‘unauthorized drug manufacturing.’”   

APC awaits responses from courts to its requests to submit the amicus brief in the three other Novo lawsuits against compounding pharmacies. 

APC is represented by Boesen & Snow Law, Scottsdale, Arizona. The legal action is supported by APC’s Legal Action Fund, which is funded by contributions from APC members.