December 1, 2023

A $100,000 deficit

One of the challenges of being an ambitious but resource-poor association is that we have to spend a lot of time asking members like you for money.

I suspect you’ve noticed?

That’s because dues dollars – either dues your company pays as a PFM or that you pay as an individual member — only cover about half of APC’s expenses each year. It’s only thanks to a combination of other revenue sources — including conference, education, corporate patron, royalty, and OneFund revenues — that we’re able to represent you the way we do.

This year, we’ve done really well with all of those funding sources except one: OneFund. It’s the fund that fuels our advocacy work, and it’s supported by gifts from individual compounding pharmacies and members.

OneFund gifts have been falling for the past two years, and we’re not really sure why. In 2021, more than $310,000 was given to OneFund. Last year, that amount fell to $285,000. This year, we dropped the goal, and even at that, if things don’t change, we’ll miss that goal by $100,000 or more.

There’s a lot we could do with that $100,000 — or, to put it more bluntly, a lot we can’t do without it. I’m talking, in particular, about confronting wrong-headed state or FDA policies we won’t have the funds to tackle.

So yeah, once again, I’m asking for money. If those of you who have given to OneFund in previous years but not yet in this year would make your 2023 investment, we’d more than make up that $100k. And if you’ve never given, well, there’s never been a more needful time.

Click the button below and do your part: A one-time gift, or better yet, set up a recurring monthly investment. 

We sure do need it — just as much as you need APC to continue to protect your profession.


Anthony Grzib is VP of quality and compliance, state-regulated pharmacies at Wedgewood Pharmacy in Swedesboro, New Jersey. You can reach him at