November 30, 2023

There’s a lot you can learn from errors

Patient safety is job one in any pharmacy, but especially in compounding pharmacies. So on those rare occasions when errors occur — in your pharmacy or someone else’s — you want to be able to learn from them. Join us December 12 for Compounding, Medication Errors and Patient Safety: What the Data Says, a $25 webinar with John M. Kessler, the Chief Medication Safety Officer for the Alliance for Patient Medication Safety. APMS is a Patient Safety Organization, and membership in APMS is included in PFM dues.

An effective pharmacy quality assurance program is more than simply reporting errors and close-calls, says Dr. Kessler. The sweet spot for a compounding pharmacy is to have management’s total buy-in, employees who embrace safety as part of the job, and basic tools to assess improvement. The important goals are to shift a team’s focus: 

  • From errors to harm 
  • From individual heroism to group risk mindfulness 
  • From fixing problems to preventing problems.

Using real world medication error and mitigation data from actual compounding pharmacies, the webinar will provide lessons and strategies that assure your safety program is comprehensive, pragmatic, and effective.