October 6, 2023

Senators to FDA: Preserve access to cBHT

Five U.S. Senators have written to the FDA urging that the agency assure continued patient access to compounded hormones for patients.

“FDA has long acknowledged that its scope does not extend to regulating the practice of medicine,” the senators wrote, “And we encourage the agency to not upend treatment for the millions of men and women who rely on compounded hormones because their doctors have determined they are a more appropriate medication. It is important to note that patients often choose cBHTs because they prefer them and because their physicians recommend cBHTs as the best course of treatment for them.”

The letter was led by Senators Roger Marshall (MO) and Tammy Baldwin (WI). They were joined by Senators Katie Britt (AL), Ted Budd (NC), and Kevin Cramer (ND).

“We’re deeply grateful to these senators for their leadership and support on this issue,” said APC Board Chair Anthony Grzib. “Millions of Americans depend on compounded hormone therapy to live normal lives. It’s important that FDA gather stakeholder input and not take any rash action that would impede access. That’s the point this letter makes.”