October 19, 2023

It’s the 4th quarter. Can we come from behind?

It’s the start of the fourth quarter and we’re behind — and I’m not talking about a football game.

I’m talking about APC’s OneFund and CompPAC, the two entities we count on to fuel our legislative and political advocacy work. Member dues are not sufficient to fund all we do.That’s why these two funds are so important.

Your investment in OneFund supports our ability to lobby on your behalf. It’s money we spend on lobbyist who work with legislators and regulators to ensure we’re moving compounding legislation in Congress and advocating at FDA.

Your investment in CompPAC helps us support the election campaigns of members of Congress who think like you do about compounding, about your patients, and about small businesses like yours. It’s money given directly to the campaigns of members of Congress to let them know we support them and value their support for our industry. In short, CompPAC helps us cultivate compounding champions.

The graphic here indicates where we are here at the start of the fourth quarter. We can come from behind, but only with your help.

Here’s where to invest in OneFund. Consider setting up a monthly investment — although a one-time gift is fine, too.

And here’s where to invest in CompPAC.

Read on for news about how we’re working for you.

— Anthony

Anthony Grzib is VP of quality and compliance, state-regulated pharmacies at Wedgewood Pharmacy in Swedesboro, New Jersey. You can reach him at agrzib@wedgewoodpharmacy.com.