September 15, 2023

Med school offers functional medicine certification

In conjunction with the school of medicine at the University of South Florida, APC supporter and fan Dr. Pamela W. Smith has launched a new series of Personalized Medicine Certification courses

The courses are all compounding-focused. The first class is on Endocrinology, and is November 9 – 11, 2023 in Tampa, FL. This program is for anyone – pharmacists, technicians, medical professionals, etc. BONUS: Attendees get “in-state” tuition whether they live in Florida or not.

Because this certification is overseen by a medical school, it brings a higher level of credibility to compounders who attain it. It also demonstrates that compounding is an integral part of medical school education. Upon completion of the course, certificate recipients can proudly assert that they received their training from a medical institution.