September 8, 2023

It’s greatest hits week at APC

The APC team is busy getting ready for Compounders on Capitol Hill in 12 days, and we suspect you’re busy juggling work, back-to-school, and getting ready for CCH in 12 days, too.

So here’s a quick rundown of some recent, useful APC offerings, in case you missed them the first time around:

Foundational compounding education for you and your team. Called The Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Foundations of Pharmacy Compounding, it’s designed for new pharmacists and techs, but it’s also an excellent refresher for seasoned pros.

It’s especially relevant right now because the program includes modules on the new USP Chapters 795, 797, and 800, which can help your team comply in advance of USP’s November 1 effective date. Oh, and it’s completely online and priced at less than $500. 

Teach prescribers well. (Apologies to CSN)

Compounding fact sheets geared towards medical professionals

Medical professionals are not always as well-versed in how pharmacy compounding works and can benefit their patients’ treatment plans, so it’s up to you to guide them. That’s why we offer a series of Prescriber Briefs that you can share with them. Topics include:

  • The Truth About Pharmacy Compounding
  • Compounding Peptides: It’s Complicated. 
  • Prescription Compliance: DEA’s “Wet Signature” Requirement. 
  • Documenting Medical Rationale. 
  • Compounding for Racehorses: An Overview for Veterinarians. 

Find them here and share them with the physician offices you or your sales reps visit. (Note: It’s an APC member-only tool, so you’ll need your login and password to access it.)

cBHT: Tools of Engagement

In July and August, Fox Business Network aired an APC-produced ad on the threat to compounded hormones. That ad and this long-form version of it are part of a comprehensive media campaign made possible by your generous investments in our “Save cBHT” campaign. 

You’ll find those vids in our special marketing toolkit. Use these tools to help raise your patients’ and prescribers’ awareness of the threat to cBHT.