September 15, 2023

Be fruitful and multiply … our messaging, that is

Next week is APC’s Compounders on Capitol Hill, where (as our CEO says) “scores of compounders” will converge on Washington, DC for more than 190 meetings with members of Congress.

Even if you are not attending, you can multiply the effect of those September 20 Hill visits by reaching out directly – from right there at home – to your members of Congress.

Please send an email or make a phone call to your US Senators and your House member to urge action on three compounding priorities – each of which is a patient access issue. You can share with them the three briefing papers linked here, plus here’s a little cheat sheet we’ve prepared for your use in explaining the issues (um, but don’t share the cheat sheet).

It’s a big week of opportunity ahead for pharmacy compounding. Thanks for your support – from wherever you find yourself next Wednesday.