August 4, 2023

Your mission: Help emphasize the threat to cBHT

Last week we shared the TV spot that recently aired on Fox Business News. This commercial is just one element in a comprehensive media campaign, which was made possible by your generous investments in our “Save cBHT” campaign.

In addition to the commercial and long-form video being televised over the next year, we have developed a series of emails that will be sent to PBS’ 1 million (!) subscribers.

But that’s not all! As the saying goes, “It takes a village…” Your support for this campaign doesn’t stop at watching the TV spot: We’ve developed a special marketing toolkit that you can use to:

  • Air the video in a loop in your waiting area of your pharmacy.
  • Share the video with the prescribers you work with (and ask them to
  • invest in the “Compounding the Joy” campaign).
  • Show the video in your exhibit booth at any prescriber- or patient-focused trade shows you participate in.

Here’s that toolkit. Thank you in advance for your support.