July 14, 2023

APC’s cBHT story is going live nationwide on PBS (plus other exciting news)

This month, PBS will be airing a 6.5-minute APC-produced video on the threat to compounded hormones. We suspect you’d like to know about it and how you can amplify its message.

That’s one reason we need to talk–and why we’ve scheduled an important, free briefing for pharmacy compounders next Wednesday, July 19 at 4pm ET.

During the hour-long briefing, we’ll also fill you in on a new 15-hour online compounding course for your new hires; APC’s new credit card processing GPO for PFMs (guaranteed to save many pharmacies BIG money); and how we’re responding to FDA’s recent comments about the riskiness of compounded medications. We may also touch on recent lawsuits against compounding pharmacies by Novo Nordisk and a few other issues.

Point is, lots going on right now, and you really need to be in the know. Click here to register, and plan to join us.