July 20, 2023

A message from APC Board Chair Anthony Grzib

APC’s Board Chair Anthony Grzib would like you to STAND. We’ll let him tell you WHY:

“A few months back our pharmacy was undergoing a compounding accreditation audit. At one point the auditor said to one of our more senior pharmacists, “Show me where the pharmacists in the compounding lab sit.”

Our pharmacist pointed to a nearby workstation. “They work there,” he said. Then he added: “But they don’t sit. Real compounders stand.”

Truer words were never spoken – and as we approach this year’s Compounders on Capitol Hill, taking a stand for our industry and our patients couldn’t be more important.

From preserving our ability to prepare compounded hormones, to protecting our ability to compound shortage drugs, the momentum in Washington, DC, is shifting in our favor. It’s important for us to take this opportunity to educate our members of Congress about who we are and the role we play in providing millions of human and animal patients essential medications that allow them to live more normal lives. They need to know about the challenges compounders face – and that you care enough about your patients and practice to fly to DC to brief them.

This is no time to sit on our hands. It’s time to stand.

Consider this your personal invitation to join me and scores of other compounders in Washington DC, September 19-20. It’s an investment in your job, your profession, your pharmacy, and your patients.

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