June 2, 2023

Call to Action on Urgent Use: Have you responded?

A couple weeks ago, we asked you—our members and supporters—to send a message to your respective members of Congress, asking them to support legislative language that will allow pharmacy compounders to help fill urgent gaps in the drug supply chain.

Unfortunately, the response hasn’t been all that great. Only 148 individuals have sent messages—a total of 450 messages sent to 146 Members of Congress (86 House and 60 Senate).

“This legislation will be a huge boon to compounding pharmacies ability to serve patients when their FDA-approved drugs are in shortage,” says APC CEO Scott Brunner. “Please send a message—for your industry and more importantly, for your patients.”

To contact your US House member and US senators, APC has made the process turnkey via our Voter Voice platform: Send the pre-written message as is, or you can customize it by adding the name of your store, how many patients you serve in your area or state, etc.