May 19, 2023

Moser elected 2024 APC vice president

At its meeting this week in Alexandria, the APC Board of Directors unanimously elected Michelle Moser, Revelation Pharma/Makers Compounding Pharmacy, Mount Vernon, WA as Board Vice President for 2024. Under the APC bylaws, she will ascend to the board chairmanship in three years.

Moser is a 35-year pharmacy veteran, a 2022 APC Fellow, and has served on the APC Board of Directors since 2021. She is the 2023 vice chair of APC’s education committee and a regular presenter at our programs and events.

Under bylaws amendments that took effect January 1, responsibility for electing APC officers is shifted from the membership, as was formerly the case, to the Board of Directors. Henceforth, the Board will elect its own officers from the board itself.