March 10, 2023

Compounding the Joy of Living: It’s your story. Help us tell it.

For too long, the story of compounding has been told in the media by people with a vested interest in marginalizing our industry. They would decide your future.

But we are doing something about it.

Compounding the Joy of Living: The campaign for pharmacy compounding, is us taking back control of our own story. It’s us taking back control of our own destiny. 

Above is an example of the kinds of ads we are working on.

This phase of the campaign is the third year of our original 3-year initiative. We are expanding our message beyond compounded hormones, and we need your help. We need your financial support.

Because the simple truth is that we cannot impact our world without money. 

We have a choice. To sit on the sidelines and let others determine our fate. Or get into the fight and tell our own story. 

You transform the lives of your patients every day. The world needs to know that.