February 8, 2023

Yes, the future of compounding is at risk. We’ve got a plan for saving it.

For years, other voices have been telling the story of pharmacy compounding—to the world, at FDA, on Capitol Hill, even to state boards of pharmacy. Their telling is of an unregulated industry, harming patients, intent on only making money.

We know that’s not remotely true, but until now, we’ve lacked the voice and resources to tell our own story.

That’s about to change.

It’s time for us to tell America about the life-enhancing, life-saving impact you have on your patients.

On February 16, we’ll tell you about ‘Compounding the Joy of Living: The Campaign for Pharmacy Compounding.’

It’s us taking control of our own destiny.

Compounding the Joy is the third year of our 3-year media campaign to protect compounding. We initially focused on hormones (and that fight continues) but we are expanding our mandate to secure the future of all compounding.

Join us on February 16 for a Virtual Town Hall. We’ll walk you through the campaign and share with you the story we aim to tell—your story. We’ll also tell you how your involvement will help secure the future of the compounding profession.

Only together can we hope to secure that future—for our patients, for our businesses, for our communities.