February 3, 2023

Here’s your 6-day warning: APC’s ‘Best Practices’ Conference is coming fast

Register now for a skillset refresh…and 12 CE hours!

The clock is ticking: Don’t run out of time!

EduCon 2023—two days of virtual education, February 9-10—is all about learning best practices, sharpening your skillset, and equipping you to be 100% compliant with new compounding laws and regs.

Here are three highlights (out of 12 total sessions):

  • Common Mistakes, Uncommon Consequences (And How to Avoid ‘Em) – There are “sins of omission” and “of commission” – practices that are either being done incorrectly or not performed at all. In this presentation, we’ll share valuable tips for improving the efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of your practice.
  • Cleaning and Organizing is a Practice, Not a Project: Tools to Avoid Insanitary Conditions in Your Pharmacy – Much of FDA’s inspection activity in compounding facilities has been focused on what the agency considers to be insanitary conditions. Speaker Matt Martin will review inspection findings and discuss strategies to avoid these from happening in your practice.
  • Healthier Patients = Healthier Practice – Are you helping your patients be their healthiest? Meeting the client where they are can increase their health in measurable ways. In this session, we’ll present ways to show your patients how the time, money and effort you spend with them is actually making them healthier.

But wait, there’s more: Here’s the complete program schedule.

EduCon is your key to being an effective team member in a well-run compounding operation. Don’t miss it!