January 6, 2023

“Best practices” conference is Feb 9-10

EduCon is the conference for keeping your team members current and compliant, and it’s coming up February 9-10, 2023. Best of all, you can earn up to 12 CE hours.

With this in mind, here are two programs to further incentivize your EduCon registration: one on pharmacy law and another on patient safety:

  • And Now a Word from Legal Counsel… Beta lactams? Semaglutide compounding? Insanitary conditions? Animal compounding? This session will address law and regulations pertaining to compounders, including the current state of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act Section 503A on compounding shortage medications and substances such as peptides, DTE and bHRT therapies. Implementation of revised USP guidelines for sterile and non-sterile drug products, as well as the future of interstate distribution of compounded drug products, will be discussed.
  • Ask the Testing Lab: Common Questions from Compounders: The new versions of USP <795> and <797> will become official on November 1, 2023. The presentation will provide details of several microbiological, biological, and analytical tests utilized in extending BUDs within the framework of the new <795> and <797>. Case studies will be provided to highlight the outcomes which can occur when the CSP/CNSP does not meet the expected outcomes.

For the complete list of speakers and presentations, and to register, please visit our EduCon web page.