January 13, 2023

APC Member: “OutcomeMD delivers PROs!”

Last April, APC launched a partnership with OutcomeMD, a new compounding-specific patient-reported outcomes platform and database. It’s an extraordinary strategic tool for the compounding profession and a great business solution for individual pharmacies.

APC member TW Taylor with Williamsburg Drug in Williamsburg, VA, has been using Outcome MD for nearly nine months, and he reports that, so far, the platform has been an excellent resource for his compounding pharmacy.

Via OutcomeMD’s easy-to-use interface, patients respond to questions about how their specific therapies are working. Owners in turn get data about those formulations based on validated measures that pull from the same database as those used by FDA in clinical research trials.

According to TW, his compounding pharmacy sent 54 patients receiving women’s hormone treatments a follow-up via OutcomeMD, and 30 people responded:

  • Of the 30, the pharmacy followed-up again and got 23 responses.
  • Of the 23, another follow-up yielded 11 responses.

TW said the platform helped him quickly and easily organize the feedback they received: 57% showed improvement, 43% showed a 50% or more improvement of symptoms, and 35% were worse.

Start the year off with a great deal

For APC members only, OutcomeMD is offering a special $100 discount per month off the standard subscription package (regularly $195.00 per month, APC price is $95).

To learn more about the above offer and the value an OutcomeMD subscription provides, please contact Lorraine Kaiser at lkaiser@outcomemd.com to schedule a demonstration, or you can contact APC’s Jason Dunn at jason@a4pc.org or (918) 770-6333.