October 28, 2022

Win BIG at APC’s Quiz Show on Nov 10*

All right contestants, grab your buzzers. You only have 10 seconds to answer: A doctor has sent in a prescription for semaglutide.


Buckle up and test your compounding can-do and can-not knowledge at our live webinar on Thursday, November 10: Can you Compound That? A Quiz Show.

Set in a game show style format led by Tenille Davis, PharmD, RPh, BCSCP, FACP, this fun and interactive webinar aims to enhance your knowledge on which active ingredients can (and cannot) be compounded, as well as provide guidance on general recommendations for facilitating decision-making.

Drug preparations explored in this activity will cover FDA’s current recommendations on drug shortage list, drugs not to be used in compounding medications, and bulk drug substances.

Webinar details

*By “win BIG” we mean that the knowledge you gain will help you be the best gosh darn compounding pharmacist you can be.