October 6, 2022

Two proposed state regs changes to be aware of

Kentucky’s “licensure lite” proposal
Kentucky BOP has proposed a change for non-resident pharmacist licensing. The proposal would create a new non-resident pharmacist license for pharmacists located in other states. The new individual licensure category would exist alongside and in addition to existing non-resident pharmacy permit requirements. Applicants would not have to submit to license transfer requirements or pass the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination. The Board-approved amendment will be open for public comment shortly.

It’s worth noting that Kentucky’s proposal is similar to the current Nevada requirement that requires any pharmacist engaged in the practice of compounding or dispensing prescription drugs for patients in Nevada to pay a $250 annual registration fee to Nevada and to be subject to state oversight. The Nevada requirement goes beyond simply requiring a pharmacist-in-charge to register with the board and applies to all pharmacists engaged in compounding or dispensing activities for patients in Nevada.

Arkansas animal compounding office-use rule change
Arkansas BOP has proposed a rule change that will allow pharmacists in a both 503A and 503B facilities to compound office-use products for veterinarians as allowed under new FDA Guidance.

You may submit comments to Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy, 322 South Main Street, Suite 600, Little Rock, AR 72201, or email asbp@arkansas.gov