October 26, 2022

It takes a lot of money to make nothing happen.

It’s been two years since we started talking about FDA’s implicit threat to restrict compounded hormones. So far, the agency has done nothing.

Nothing is a good thing.

We’d argue that the fact FDA has so far done nothing publicly to make good on that threat—which started with the release of the now discredited NASEM report in mid-2020—is in part due to the pressure APC has exerted on the agency via our Campaign to Save Compounded Hormones.

Our digital ads have reached 25 million Americans. We’ve collected more than 6,000 patient testimonials, and patient and APC member messages have reached majority of Congressmembers. Dozens of members of Congress have written or reached out to FDA, putting the agency on notice that it must not impede patient access to compounded hormone therapy based on a flawed report. It’s clearly been enough to make the agency pause.

But now APC’s Campaign to Save Compounded Hormones is low on funds, and we don’t know what 2023 holds. Yes, we’re happy to take credit for FDA’s delay thus far in moving to restrict hormone compounding, but we’re not naïve. The agency could announce its intention to add hormones to the “difficult to compound” list at any time. Our job must be to forestall that effort as long as we can and to make the agency think twice before it meddles with therapies that benefit millions of Americans.

We can only do that with your help. Whether you are a regular giver to our campaign or someone who has not yet given, your patients and your profession need you.

We are currently about $200,000 short of our 2022 cBHT Campaign goal. That doesn’t bode well for continuing this campaign, does it?

Nothing has happened. Not yet, anyway. Without your help, the chances of FDA moving to restrict compounded hormones only increases. PLEASE invest NOW in APC’s ability to sustain this campaign.