September 2, 2022

Meet our newest PFM benefit: Shipment Trackers

In a 2021 survey, 62% of compounding pharmacy owners told us that the high cost of shipping was a significant pain point for their businesses.

The good news is, Shipment Trackers, APC’s newest Pharmacy/Facility Member (PFM) affinity service provider, offers preferred pricing on these services to PFMs:

  • Audits: Review UPS and FedEx audits for late delivery credits (average savings range from 10 – 15 percent)
  • Parcel insurance: Industry leading parcel insurance, including insurance coverage against spoilage and extreme temperature events
  • Carrier contract and consultation audits to get you the best rates with your preferred carrier
  • Business intelligence and analytics allow you to maximize your strengths and identify areas for improvement

If you’re not already a PFM and would like to change that, please click here for details or you can contact APC’s Jason Dunn at or 918.770.6333.