September 28, 2022


If patient-reported outcomes can prove your value, why aren’t more of you collecting them?

They say you can’t prove what you don’t measure. That’s certainly true when it comes to the compounds you prepare.

The best tool you have for demonstrating the value of your therapies is your patients—what they say about the compounded medications you dispense to them. But many compounders aren’t measuring patient outcomes, and those who are aren’t doing so in formats that can be aggregated in a way the FDA will find compelling.

Earlier this year, APC announced a collaboration with OutcomeMD, a platform that allows compounding pharmacies to measure patient-reported outcomes (PROs) using the same validated measures that FDA requires in new drug approvals.

Despite that hoopla, the uptake on the program thus far has been lackluster, and that’s a problem—because the future of 503A compounding depends in large part on your ability to measure outcomes that demonstrate your value.

On October 6, we’re hosting a PRO Stakeholder Briefing. If you are an owner or pharmacy manager, you owe it to your business to attend, to learn about our enhancements to the platform, the compounding softwares it now integrates with, and to hear from one of our APC members who has embraced the OutcomeMD platform and whose practice in Philadelphia is better for it. We promise you: No sales pitches, but some good info, and a chance for you to ask questions and make suggestions.

The meeting is FREE, but registration is required: